Bewusstseinsbildung | World Peace Begins September 21, 2056 | Will Bowen


Albert Einstein said, ”You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." 
And Jesus of Nazareth is quoted to have said, ”Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." 
The United States spends 54%, more than half of our annual budget, on the military.  If Jesus was correct that our hearts follow our pocketbooks, then our collective heart is attuned to war and it’s time to stop.
Since its inception, there has been a strong peace movement in the United States.
In 1793 Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence wrote "plan of a Peace-Office for the United States" calling for the creation of an Office of Peace on equal footing with what was then called the Department of War (now called the Department of Defense). 
In 1925, Carrie Chapman Catt founder of the National League of Women Voters called for the United States to establish a cabinet level Peace Department complete with a Secretary of Peace.
In 1935, Senator Matthew M. Neely introduced the first bill calling for the establishment of a United States Department of Peace.  Since that time, more than 100 bills have been introduced calling for a U.S. Peace Department.
To date, we do not have a Department of Peace and there are still dozens of wars raging around the world.
There are hundreds of organizations across the globe working for peace. Their efforts are both noble and important because they raise our collective consciousness to the idea that peace in our world is a priority and can become a possibility.
However, it has been my experience that when a goal is set it must be accompanied by a date for its completion. Otherwise, its open-ended nature can limit progress toward its achievement.
Therefore, I am officially declaring a date for world peace. Yes, you heard me right. A date beyond which human beings will no longer resolve their differences by killing one another en masse.
That date is September 21, 2056.
Why this particular date?  September 21st is the United NationsÂ’ annual Day of Peace.  It seems fitting to hold this as the first day of a new beginning for humankind.
Why this particular year?  Honestly, I was guided in meditation to select 2056. It seems to me that 4 decades is long enough for us to wrap up this nonsense once and for all. Further and most important, if we begin now to declare this as the date that world peace begins, it gives us time for a couple of new generations of people to accept this as a fact. And, as we know, for this to become a reality it only takes enough people believing in it.
Interestingly, after I settled on this date, I realized that this is 44 years from now.  In the Bible, numbers from one to nine all have meanings.
Biblically, the number four means, "long enough."  How long was NoahÂ’s great flood? Forty days and forty nights. Translation: long enough! (A zero after a number in the Bible is for emphasis). The Israelites wandered the desert for forty years, which means they trekked through the sand "long enough."
If the goal date for world peace is forty-four years in the future. And, if four means, "enough," then perhaps forty-four means, that when it comes to war "Enough is enough!" 
Who am I to set such a huge goal for all humankind? Nobody, really. But someone has to do it. Many a strident person has predicted that the world will end on this date or that date so why can’t I set a date for the end of war?
Six years ago I made another outlandish claim that we would create a Complaint Free World and, to date, ten million people around the world have joined the Complaint Free movement. So, maybe I’ll get lucky again.
Sound simplistic? Of course it does. But our complicated approach to world peace has failed; so, perhaps its time to simply set a goal date, believe it and leave the details to the Universe.
Chief Joseph said, "From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever." If enough of us adopt September 21, 2056 as a date when people of our world will fight no more forever, it must become reality.


Portrait: Will Bowen



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